Ever since the company opened in 1999, we have been working tirelessly for our customers - and the results show! We have continued to expand and become one of the top companies in Central Florida for land preparation. Our staff takes pride in their work and will go the extra mile to ensure your job will be ready for the next phase of development. It is important to remember that every project we have worked has been completed on time and on budget!

Not only do we work in the residential market, but we also have a long list of national home builders and contractors that we work for which includes Taylor Morrison, Hanover Family Builders, AR Bailey Homes, Pulte Homes, K Hovnanian Homes, A&M Homes, and Jones Homes. In addition, we can perform commercial land clearing and grading for custom homes with some of our clients being Jon M Hall Company, JMHC, Dewitt Excavating, AC Development, KCF Site Development, Don King Concrete, Sandalwood Homes, Douglas Kellogg Enterprises, Henderson Homes, and Davis Diversfied Homes. Moreover, K&L Grading has strategic partners that can contribute to your project with Landscaping, Concrete/Masonry work, and Site Development. We can serve you as the one-stop-shop for all "upstream" construction work.

While our competition may take shortcuts to quickly move on to the next job in an effort to maximize their profits, our staff plans jobs accordingly so we only have to work on your project the first time. From using soil free from organic materials that will decompose and cause excess settlement, to making sure that all concrete is cured before continued development, our staff knows what needs to be done and when to do it to make sure your project is finished correctly. And if we can determine ways to save our customers money along the way, we pass those savings along. Given the amount of experience that our staff has acquired over the years, you can rest assured that our company is the right company to do business with. Give us a call today so we can bring your project to reality!


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The Business

K&L Grading was founded in 1999 and has maintained a pristine image ever since. Although the company has been in business for over 20 years, the owner has been working in this industry a lot longer. That translates into decades of experience that can go to work for you! Not only does our staff have the ability and drive to see your project through to completion, but all of our jobs are finished on time and on budget. So it does not matter if you need safety, stucco, rough, or final grade, give us a call today and we'll give you a top grade!

Because of the quality of work and dedication of our professional staff, we continue to obtain clientele in the commercial sector that quickly become repeat customers. We have now worked with several many nation-wide builders on large community developments throughout Central Florida. In addition, we take pride in our local community where we are members of several organizations in which we donate a portion of our profits to help their causes.


Site Disclaimer

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Terms and Conditions

Before any job can start, there are several requirements that are mandatory:

  1. Five-day scheduling notice must be provided
  2. Trees to be saved must be properly marked
  3. Monuments must be staked and flagged prior to start date
  4. Wells must be flagged and abandoned by others

In addition to the above requirements, several notes should be acknowledged

  1. No permits or fees are included in any proposal, with the exception of burn permits (based on conditions)
  2. Contractor agrees to supply surveyor upon request
  3. Survey and layout to be performed by third-parties
  4. No substandard removal; no hazardous waste removal
  5. Clearing limits to be established by third-parties
  6. Silt fence installed by third-parties
  7. K&L Grading is not responsible for transplant of wildlife
  8. K&L Grading retains all timber rights

Our staff looks forward to hearing from existing and potential members and customers. Please send us feedback in the form of comments, questions, or concerns whether good or bad. Our staff can use this information to help with any improvements that should be addressed. We would also like to hear from you even if you have an idea for our site or a possible service.

All companies need staff in order to make the day-to-day operations run. Below you will find a list of available jobs we are looking to fulfill within the next 45 days. Please fill out the below form and contact our staff with any additional questions, comments, or concerns you may have.

  • Current Job Openings
  • Skid Steer Operator Residential
  • Construction Laborer

Our talented staff is here to help bring your design drafts to reality! We provide several different services to better help you and your future development projects, which include everything from Commercial land clearing to Residential grading development. Below you will find the details of each, and if you have any questions, please reach out to us at your earliest convenience.

Land Clearing

Before you can begin any construction project, the land has to be altered in such a fashion as to make it suitable to build on. The first step in this process involves the removal of trees, shrubs, brush, and other items (such as existing structures) so the underlying land can then be exposed. We have a fleet of equipment and talented team members that are able to tackle any size job, whether for commerical land clearing or residential home development.

Waste Disposal

Of course, after the land clearing is performed, the remains have to be dealt with also. K&L Grading offers our customers several different methods for disposing of the waste accumulated along the way. Our first, and most common option, is to offer a permit for on-site burning. If, for any reason, that option can not be used, we can alternatively haul the waste to the nearest recycling center. Our last option will be to grind up everything, and later, have it converted into mulch to be hauled away.

Build Pad

Now that the land has been cleared and ready for development, the next step in the process is the build pad which provides the foundataion for a new structure such as a house. Our skilled loader operators take the time required to ensure the highest quality pad is constructed with the proper amount of dirt either being imported or exported. How sound is a house with a bad foundation afterall?

Safety/Stucco Grade

The next step in the grading process is the stucco grade. Once the house pad has been completed and poured with concrete, the foundation needs to be blocked (off, or with dirt?). After all the other sub-contractors are finished with their work, our staff will come back through the site to ensure the lot is clean of stucco and any other concrete related debris that are left behind.

Rough Grade

This grade enables our staff to cut out and form driveways and sidewalks so they can be poured. After that process is completed, any excess dirt/fill that has accumulated around the job site will be removed and the grades will be established. At this point in the process, the land has gone through significant changes both by our staff and that of the numerous third-party sub-contractors so we also perform one more cleanup around the lot.

Final Grade

When the rough grade has been completed, the last phase of the process can now begin and is known as the final grade. This is where our team determines where and how the water is going to drain off of the lot. Additionally, this stage will level and smooth out the surface to get it ready for planting, seeding, driveways, walkways, or other work that will follow. This step may also include adding top soil in areas were plants will be placed due to the compacting of dirt from the heavy equipment used in the rough grading.

Additional Services

While the above list makes up our typical workload, we do offer additional services upon request and include: providing trash cleans on certain job sites to make sure that your lot always has a great appearance to the consumers eye; on-site discing which will cut up to 14” into to ground to remove any excess roots and by-products that may have been left behind from the land clearing; additional grading to shape any desired hills, embankments, terraces, and additional drainage systems; stemwall and backfills to stablize and contour land around build pads; and much more! Please call or email our staff with any questions you may have!

To help our staff get better or to acknowledge how well we are already doing, please take some time to fill out the following survey which rates various aspects of your experience with one (1) being poor and five (5) being excellent.

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